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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Push-ups and Oral Surgery

Here's Sam demonstrating how much fun Jesse's newest toys are.  And before you start thinking he's a pansy and can't do regular push-ups, these were "prescribed" by his doctor because he's been having some trouble with the bones in his wrist.  She did some adjusting and it isn't causing him any more pain.  And she said if he uses these he shouldn't have a problem doing push-ups.

Update on the holes in his mouth - he's back to work and doing fine.  No dry sockets (thank God!) or complications.  He's still eating mostly softer foods... but he's graduated from yogurt and pudding to potato salad and chili :o) 

I'm so thankful for the *free* healthcare we get.  (I'm very aware that it's not free... someone pays for everything and I just read an interesting news article about how Congress is looking at the cost of Tricare...)  But it's so great... for Jesse especially, as he's always been the one to go without when we didn't have coverage.  So now he can actually get those aches and pains taken care of! :o) 


  1. I just have to say it - - Samantha Jordan, you are beautiful!!! Gramma R. LOVES you!

  2. And nowhere better to get your oral health taken care of then overseas because it is FREE. If we were stateside we would have to pay x amount for everything dental!