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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Picture Catch-Up 1

Alright, I still have a bunch of pictures on the computer that I took for the sake of the blog... before we had internet... before I lost my camera (may she rest in peace)...

...So time to catch up so we can move on and hopefully forget that I'm an idiot who loses expensive cameras.  (And no, we haven't ordered one, yet.  Still contemplating ;o) ) 

Meet our new grill.  Just your basic beauty.  But it does have a side burner, which is kind of cool... so one can grill steaks and saute mushrooms all in the same spot!  Brilliant.  Anyways, this puppy is the source of many delicious, fast, and easy meals lately.  

It started out like this, which was a bummer... because we didn't realize how *much* assembly is required for a new grill!  (Our first grill was sitting on our porch, fully assembled, at our first apartment when we got back from our honeymoon... Thanks Dad!)  So lesson learned: don't buy a new grill the day you're having a bunch of friends over and expect to eat before 8pm.  Thankfully, we had snacks.  So no one starved.  And the first burgers and dogs were delicious... worth the wait!

Meet Justin (working on the grill with Jess) and Stephen (holding the beer ;o) ).  You'll probably be seeing and hearing more of them.  Cause we like them :o)  Also, behind Justin is Luke... we like him, too.   

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  1. hahaha - - your first grill was *purchased* fully assembled (then delivered to your porch)!