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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Some Definitions

On the economy: refers to anything off base.  Example: if I buy milk from the Commissary on base, I'm technically buying from the US.  But if I buy milk from a German grocery store, it's "on the economy".  And we live on the economy.  I'm not technically sure yet if it's cheaper for me to do our regular shopping (groceries especially) on base or on the economy.  I signed up for a class yesterday called "What's What" where they take a small group through a large German store and help you learn how to shop in Germany.  That should answer all my questions!  (Though it's not till the end of July and I need to find a sitter first!  SO stay tuned!)

Rolladens: outdoor blinds.  When fully closed, they keep the light out.  ALL the light.  As in, you can close them in the middle of the day and it will be completely dark in your room!  It's really important in the summer here because it stays light until almost 11pm!  And the sun comes up around 5am.  So it's nice to be able to make it dark (especially if you are Lily and Sam and go to bed at 7pm!)  They also use them in the winter to help keep the heat in.  And we put them down on hot days during the middle of the day when the sun in blasting into our living room windows... keeps it a little cooler.  We have manual ones in the whole house except for electric ones along the living room.  (We also have them on the outside of the doors.)  This video illustrates well:


  1. I like rolladens-very cool. So you have some of those? I'd feel extra safe with those on my house!

  2. We totally need to get a rolladen!! It stays light here till about 10:30 too! so weird!!