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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Family "Picnic" on the Patio

Once upon a time (this weekend) there was a beautiful day...

So we went outside to enjoy it!

We got out our junky blanket...

...and our picnic basket full of "food"...

...which *someone* dumped all over the place :o)  

J even joined us to try to catch some rays...

...unfortunately for him, there were a lot of clouds in between him and the sun.

 It was one of those really lovely moments.  

We played and giggled and enjoyed the weather.  

Hey, look!  Matchy-matchy! :o) 

Awww... my girls...

Hey Peanut... STOP GETTING SO BIG! ;o)

1 comment:

  1. looks like fun! love the LJ the giant shot and the one captioned aww my girls- are these all taken with the phone? pretty good. how is the camera search coming along?
    love you guys.
    hope today is great! thanks for sending the numbers-
    hey, Celeste is headed to Malawi on tuesday and is looking forward to skyping with you sometime. she is totally jazzed that you want to 'assimilate'!
    loving you much (have to put that in as much as possible!)