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Saturday, June 25, 2011

When In Rome: Kitchen

Our fridge/freezer are camouflaged!  They're both pretty small... you know those Germans: it's all about efficiency!  They keep their large appliances small(er than us Americans are used to) to keep 'em energy efficient, etc.  At first I was nervous that the fridge would be too small... but we actually adjusted right away and it's no problem at all.  We have a full American size fridge in our laundry room, but we're keeping it unplugged unless we need it.  (They loan you a fridge so that you don't panic at the size of the German ones!)  I'm sure we'll need it for when all y'all come visit ;o) but other than that, we're good with the little one.

There's the freezer!  I actually feel like we have more than enough freezer space.  The only thing I have to adjust as far as the fridge goes is that I have to stay on top of eating up leftovers faster (which is good cause we waste less!).  And I also have to grocery shop once a week (instead of maybe every other if I felt so inclined) cause I don't have enough space to store any extra.  But that's good, too, cause we eat fresher food.  (That's a very German thing, too... to go out to the store for fresh produce every few days.)

Here's my itty-bitty stove and oven.  The stove's not a big deal but I was nervous that my baking stone (possibly the most loved kitchen item I own) wouldn't fit...

...but LOOK AT THAT!  (You know Jesus loves you when your stone fits PERFECTLY in the oven! ;o) ) 

The sinks are circular... not really sure why.  But this one is shallow... which we definitely needed an explanation for.  Dianna (our landlady) explained that it was the drying sink...

So there you have it!  We do have a dishwasher which works fine, but I prefer to hand wash because... well... I don't know.  I'm just weird I guess.  It seems faster cause I get to have them dry and put away quicker.  But I have to stay on top of them... so I guess it just depends on how ambitious and industrious I feel :o)


  1. So would you say Germans are anti-big family? That would kind of fit in with the whole efficiency thing.

  2. It reminds me of the Efthimiou's fridge!

  3. Mattea, I hope not! Though I don't know many German families and all the ones I do know have less than four kids. So it's totally possible!

    Nicole, I had totally forgotten about their fridge till now!