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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Medieval Fest, German Style

First view of my first real live castle!!!

I have no clue what this sing says... maybe if I'm feeling ambitious and have time later this week I'll try to work on a translation.  But don't hold your breath ;o) 

The girls were pretty interested in the two blacksmith tents we stopped at (probably cause there was a lot of noise and commotion surrounding them!)

Hey, look!  There's Jesse!

And look!  My new favorite picture of all time!

I liked that there was a modern museum right there!  Kind of a funny contrast.

I'm going to pretend this is an original well.  You'll never know the difference ;o) 

Their garden trumps my garden! 

I have many many more pictures and stories (pretty impressive for a girl with only an iPhone for a camera, right?) but I'm gonna leave you in suspense cause I actually want to get to bed before 11 tonight... as I've got a toddler to potty-train tomorrow ;o)  

In a nutshell, going to the castle was so fun!  It was beautiful and magical and so worth all the stress of two poop explosions (thanks Lily), puke down my white shirt (thanks Sam), and sweat pouring down the rest of my body (thanks weather guy for actually being right this time... I'm sorry I didn't believe you that it was going to be nice again!) :o)  But really, it was awesome!

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