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Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Battle Continues

These guys are still eating my lettuce.  I think my problem with the coffee grounds and egg shells is that I don't have *enough* of a barrier.  So for next year, I might try to make a more fortified perimeter around the garden.  Until then, I'm trying a homemade pepper spray on the lettuce (boil a hot pepper and a bunch of chopped garlic and let it set overnight.  Strain and put in a spray bottle.  Boom) so we'll see if they stop making swiss cheese out of my lettuce! :o) 

Jesse laughs at me, though, cause I'm actually not too worried about it.  We have an abundance of lettuce :o)  So I'm okay with *sharing* some, I guess.  Also, I've embraced the three mole hills in the garden, because they aren't doing any harm (that I can tell) and I don't have the energy or time to try to capture or kill them. 

Oh, and I also don't weed.  I'm trying to remember it's okay to be a lazy gardener when you're also gardening children :o) 

Speaking of gardens, my upstairs neighbor gave us big hand fulls of tomatoes from his!  I call them our "upstairs neighbor" (have I mentioned this before?  Can't remember, so onward I plunge) because their house is above ours (accessed by another road) and our backyards border each other.  But since they're kind of above us on the hill, I call them "upstairs neighbors" :o)  Anyways, this guy (and his wife) are so nice, but unfortunately all we can do is smile and wave at each other till I learn some more German! 


  1. hey, have you tried beer bait? i've read that a shallow container with beer attracts them, they enter it and drown...never tried it but others rave about the effectiveness.

    love love love you all so bunches much...

  2. Ooooh thanks. That sounds relatively simple and easy. Maybe I'll put a few containers around the outside of the garden this week and see what happens. Love ya!