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Friday, July 22, 2011

G is for Globus

Globus is a German grocery store.  But it's not like the other little German grocery stores around... it ain't no Aldi, Wasgau, or PennyMarkt let me tell you what.  Think of it more like a Super Walmart.  Attached to a mini mall and food court.  That should give you the idea of the scope we're talking. (For example, their cheese counter features over 400 cheeses from around the world, and their wine section has over a thousand different selections!  Plus a connoisseur to help you pick!) 

BUT Globus is NOT a German Walmart.  NO NO NO.  Think of it more like Wegman's.  On steroids :o)  It is a chain, but it's family owned and each store is different.  It's awesome!

I got to take a tour of Globus with some people from the Airman & Family Readiness Center (same lovely folks who do stuff like Heartlink.) yesterday and it was amazing! 

The Globus goodies I'm most excited about are raw cheeses and milk, fresh fish, really good meat, pure salt and a great selection of German products for an amazing price. 

One thing I learned is that the food standards in Europe are way way way higher than in the US.  Which, for a food hippie like me, is SO STINKIN EXCITING!  So when I buy produce there, I can know that it's never been sprayed with harmful pesticides.  GMO junk is not allowed in any foods.  And the fish and other animals are fed things that fish and animals are supposed to eat.  The Germans don't like to eat too much processed food, so the focus of the grocery store is really to provide fresh *ingredients* for people.  YESSSSS!

Now, I still need to reel in my excitement a tad till I can actually take my time and do some price comparison. 

The downside of shopping on the economy is definitely the fact that you're spending in Euro (which runs me up big time)... oh, and you can't exactly read most of the signs.  But that's not really a problem, because most of the employees speak English.  And Jesse even asked a kind looking gentleman (not an employee :o) ) to point out to us today which was the good old plain butter and he basically gave us a tour of the aisle.  People are pretty friendly :o) 

Globus is right down the road from me in Kaiserslautern.  It's pretty much the same distance from us as the Commissary on base (Vogelweh), which is great.

Here are some red currants from today's trip (with the whole family so I could essentially give Jesse the tour).  I haven't ever bought them before today but I knew exactly what they were when I saw them... and eating them reminds me of my Grandma.  She has currant bushes on her property and we used to pick them and eat them.  Took me back to my childhood :o)

Speaking of children, mine like currants. The husband, however, does not.

Our simple dinner after the girls were in bed :o)  Those are fresh toms from my garden people!!!

So the moral of the story is I'm really excited that I might actually be shopping on the economy instead of at the boring American Commissary... which I used to *think* was the cheapest and best way to go... but now I'm not so sure.  So I may have to fork over a few extra euro... but if I'm getting fresh, basically organic food for my family, I'm thinking it might be worth it! 


  1. Oh wow! That place sounds amazing! I really really want to come to Germany now!

  2. That is so awesome! I am so glad that you are able to get such great food! It made me hungry! Oh, and P.S. I never read your heartlink post before, and I did today because you linked it in...*tear*

  3. Where to begin?!
    1.) The store sounds large already with a name like "Globus"! It may mean something else in German, but it sounds like "very large bad guy name" in English.
    2.) I have to stop letting two weeks get away from me before I read your blog! It seems that the time difference is significant. For every one week I live over here you live two weeks there - so much happens in your world!
    3.) I believe that Saturdays will now be my blog reading day. I shall sit with my mid-morning coffee (when Zave is napping) and enjoy the Aiduk Memoirs!

    Sounds like you are doing amazingly well. I miss you all... and I'm jealous. ;) Love, Cassie

  4. Aw Bethanne. I will never think of Heartlink without thinking of you :o)

    Aw Cass. You're so sweet. Now I'll be thinking of you on Saturdays. Miss you, too. Can't wait till we can sit down *together* with a cup of morning coffee and actually *talk* about all the Aiduk (and Logue) adventures!