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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Grabby Hands

If you give a baby a banana flax pancake...

...she'll eat that sucker right up!

It's so hard not to compare this girl to her sis!  Lily is apparently my stubborn one as far as milestones go... for example, she *could* pick up finger foods for the longest time, but she *wouldn't*.  She just wouldn't put it in her mouth... wanted me to!  (She got it eventually, obviously.  Which is why I'm not worried that she's not talking yet... because it's the same.  I've heard her say words, she just won't.)  But Sam just breezes right through all those normal baby things.  It catches me off guard sometimes!  I love her smile.  Brightens each and every day!

Speaking of Sam, who's currently not smiling right now cause she's crying for me to come get her up for the day, I gotta go ;o) 


  1. in the 3rd & 4th pictures of this series, I just want to tell her, "Hey Sammy, those thumbs are opposible - - just a little trick God gave us to help us pick up stuff better!"

    What feels weird to me about Sam hitting all these milestones is that you were living here when Lily was being stubborn and it seems so weird that we can't see Sammy smiles every day (except on the computer)

    LOVE YOU!!!

  2. Sweet, sweet Sammy. :) So - I'm super proud of you for having such a good attitude about having to wait to Space-A, even though that's a bummer. But good to know you'll be able to eventually. And - I'm so glad you guys had such a cool, kid-free anniversary celebration! Love ya, friend.

  3. Mom... *sigh*... I know. It's weird (and hard) for me to think of, too. Living our AF adventure has it's ups and downs.

    Em, I wish there was a like button under your comment. Cause I like it ;o)