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Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Birthday America!

Here's my only other form of party decoration :o)  A flag "graham cracker cake" that I saw in a magazine once.  Also, my new friend came (I'm starting to accumulate a lovely collection of new friends ;o) ) with strawberries dipped in white chocolate and blue sprinkles and a real flag cake.  Definitely stealing those ideas for the next July 4th bbq I host/attend!  Leave it to my airman to point out that I did the cake wrong ;o)  I didn't follow the picture exactly so I ended up with a red stripe touching the blue, which he claims is "illegal".  But I pointed out that this isn't a regulation flag.  So shut up ;o) 

July 4th has a lot more meaning to me now than it did a few years ago.

For one, Jesse is serving our country... and in a behind the scenes way, so is our whole family.  July 4th is the weekend Jesse graduated from BMT and became an Airman in the US Air Force.  On our way over here to Germany, we shared a flight with over a hundred men and women who were deploying to Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.  It was sobering to see.

Another way I'm more thoughtful this 4th is because I'm not in my country.  It's a strange feeling to be so far from everything I've ever known.  I've only been in Germany for just about 2 and a half months, and already it's given me a unique perspective... I miss the States more than I thought I would, and I'm very grateful to be a citizen of the USA.

I miss silly things... the nearest Starbucks is on Ramstein (I think... still haven't gone) so it's about 25 minutes away from me.  Also, no Target.  No chain restaurants (well, there's some stuff on base and there are McDonald's around on the economy.  We just haven't gone yet).  And don't get me wrong... I don't *need* Starbucks or Target or McDonald's.  Besides, they have the equivalents of all of those things, it just takes more courage to go there... because of the language barrier and the cultural differences.  I'll just have to get over it.  But I do miss the "ease" of US shopping.  (Ha, perhaps it's better for our bank account for me to be distanced from such ease!)

I miss serious things... family.  Oh how I miss my family. 

I don't really need to get into that in detail, obviously.  But I will take this opportunity to officially announce that I'm COMING HOME THIS SUMMER! :o)  The girls and I are going to take our first Space-A adventure... Space-A is flying "space available" or "hops" on a military flight that's going back to the States.  For free (or basically free).  In our case, we'll be getting on one of the many flights that go back and forth to Baltimore from Ramstein every day.  And thankfully we have family and friends all along the east coast to come get us from there! :o)  We'll be spending about two weeks with NY fam and two weeks with MA fam.  I'm really looking forward to the vacation!  (Jesse can't come... some nonsense about having to work for our living or something ;o) )

So Happy Birthday to the USA and I'll be seeing your familiar faces soon!


  1. Yaaaaaaaay! I'm. So. Excited!! And you are so brave! How long is that fight? It totally sucks that husbands don't get to take off whenever they wanna. Silly jobs.

  2. What a great post! So glad that you will be able to visit family. Let me know how the hops go!

  3. this momma is VERY glad that you'll be coming home (and SO SO SO stinkin' excited!!!!)

    I love you so much - I'm loving America with you and (in a smaller way) missing those things as well since I'm at camp this 4th of July - so weird!

  4. Dear Dil,
    thanks for exercising your mad writing/blogging skills to keep us updated on the family contigency in germany- we miss you all so much and like your mom (and the rest of the fams!) so very much looking forward to your visit :O
    the "cake" looks great (on this one feel free to just ignore the guy in your life;)
    so the bash was a blast? the food for it sure was!
    as always, the pics are great. have you received the lenses for your new cam yet?
    love you all

  5. HOLY COW this was the most awesome post ever to read. (!!!) I can't believe we get to see you again so soon! When?!?!? :)

  6. I'm hoping for the month of August :o)

  7. Woot! Woot!! Cassie & Zave give this post two thumbs up!