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Monday, July 4, 2011

July 4th Photo Shoot

I didn't do any decorating for our July 4th Party Saturday night, but we all sported our red, white, and blues... also, please note that the wall and carpet are perfect for the occasion! ;o)

Sam: My, my sis... what a nice ear you have!

New favorite shot ;o) 

Oh, wait... maybe this is my new fav!

Lily: This is getting kinda boring...

Lily: How you doin' Sissy?
Sam: I'm feeling a little nervous about you holding me...

Lily: As well you should, cause I'm about to push you off my lap.
Sam: That's okay I guess, Momma will catch me.  It's been fun posing with ya ;o)

I also decided twinkle toes fit the occasion nicely :o)

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  1. giggles - - but a somewhat nervous giggle for SJ!