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Saturday, July 30, 2011

I Surrender

The slugs were too much.  I went to a German gardening store and found an English speaking employee who gave me this goopy stuff to put around the perimeter.  And by gave me I mean charged me 10 Euros, ps.  So this stuff better work.  And better not give me and my family cancer. 

I'm a little disappointed that the more natural methods didn't work so well.  Maybe I did it wrong... or maybe the German slugs are just too hardcore to be bothered by coffee grounds and egg shells. 

Well.  I spent about 45 minutes showing the slugs and weeds who is boss in this here garden.  ME.  I hope :o)  I pulled at least 15 slugs out of the garden (and mercilessly killed them btw) before I set the slimy perimeter.  I pulled up the dill cause it was done being yummy and I pulled up a lettuce plant because something killed it and I was tired of looking at it :o)

I need to work on incorporating more of the parsley and chives into our meals... cause we have a whole lot!  We eat the basil regularly... but the rest is going to go to waste if I don't get crackin'.

Those little guys are going to be "black" tomatoes... which looked purple in the picture.  I can't wait cause I think they'll make a really fun fresh salsa!

And look, look!  The big toms are going to get ripe soon!  Yay!  

This was two days ago.  The first break in the rainy, overcast, chilly weather we've been having for about a month now.  It felt lovely to be out in the garden while the girls napped :o) 

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