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Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Food Eating Machines

People are always noticing that my kids eat like champs.  They eat all sorts of foods, even including a variety of veggies. 

But the most important thing to me is that they eat what we eat.  We may not eat a perfectly balanced diet, but it's so great that I don't have to prepare something different for them.  But I would be a fool to try to act like I'm a hero because my kids eat anything and everything.  Nope.  I just stumbled on this great book by Dr. Alan Greene (it was mentioned in a parenting mag) and I bought it, agreed with him, and followed his advice.  Bingo.  The main point of his book is to feed your kid everything you eat at a young age (being careful of no-no's like honey, etc.) including crazy flavor threads like spicy and garlicy and whatever else your family eats regularly.  And to stay away from jarred foods as much as possible. 

So that book is my "secret" to getting hungry monkeys to eat whatever I put in front of them.  Not that they don't refuse certain foods at certain times... everyone does. 

But I keep offering like Dr. Greene says.  And so far it's working great for us.  

Next to teach them... table manners ;o)  As in, no sticking your tongue out at Momma!

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