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Friday, July 8, 2011

Like Momma Like Daughter

Most kids mimic their parents.  I've seen lots of toddlers "feed" their dolls/stuffed animals the same way their mom feeds the baby, whether breastfeeding or bottle. 

Not Lily.  Of all the things she wants to copy me on, it's the back carry :o)  Apparently she's a fan of baby wearing, too.  She's pretty persistent about it, too... she brings me the scarf and Dolly and won't let up till both are *properly* on her back.  I can't even cheat (I tried)... she's a good "momma"... she knows a baby's gotta be safe in the wrap :o)

For Dolly, I usually just make something up.  But with Sam, I used various YouTube videos (search tibetan back carry).  I was going to share the exact video of the carry I use, but I couldn't remember/find which one it was.  Basically, I just started getting the general idea and then I had Jesse spot me till I got comfortable doing it alone.  I can even carry LJ this way, but obviously not as long (cause I'm a pansy ;o) ) 

I really like wearing Sam... especially with all this cranky-separation-anxiety stuff.  When Lily went through this I was afraid it was something I did to make her so clingy, so I tried to "fix it" by trying to get her used to being away from me... which only caused both of us more stress, as it obviously didn't work.  Now I know better.  This is normal and it will be over before I know it.  But till then, I'm totally okay with wearing Sam around... if it makes her happy and I can still get stuff done, there's no harm in it! 

Also, it's made carrying the both of them up and down the stairs (to the car or the stroller in the garage) SO MUCH EASIER!  I can have Sam in the wrap in less than two minutes, and then I can carry LJ without much trouble... and even a diaper bag if needed! 

Baby wearing.  Genius :o)


  1. That is adorable!! Your co cute Lily!

  2. I love you, Lillian Jayce!

  3. What a cool fashion statement! I need to get me a baby!!

  4. Jess, you must make it look fun! How wonderful she wants to be like mom...