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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sisterly Love

"Nothing is lovelier than the picture of sisters locked in each other's arms, their lives blending in holy love, the one helping the other, giving comfort in sorrow, strength in weakness, and help in trial."

-J.R. Miller


  1. Great picture and I love that quote!!!

  2. I wish that blogs had a "like" feature!! - Cassie

  3. Me, too Cass! I'm actually pretty sure I *can* do that, I just have to find the widget and someone to help me figure it how to get it on here. Stay tuned... maybe that'll be my next addition ;o)

  4. OH *bursts into tears* I love that quote. I love this picture! I love your girls - but most of all I love MY girls! Thank you, God, for sisters. I'm so thankful mine have each other. OH. *sniff* (PMS, much? Ugh!) Love you, too, btw. :)