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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Windows are the Best Seats in the House

The Germans have a thing for wide open windows.  The windows don't have screens in them, and they're always designed to fully open.  I. Love. It.  At first, it kind of weirded me out that the bugs were just in and out all the live long day... but I got used to using the fly-swatter when necessary (and it's not even usually that bad).  I've fallen in love with the way screen-less windows make me feel... it's like I can reach out and touch what I see.  It doesn't hurt that My Love got me the best apartment in Germany (are you starting to believe me now?) where every time I look out ANY window, it takes my breath away!  This is from my kitchen.  I like to do prep work for dinner here.

Side door.

Balcony door (off the living room).  I skipped the living room windows cause I've already shown them to you... but now that I think of it, I bet my new camera could capture them better... so stay tuned.

Laundry room.  I call them my "upstairs neighbors" cause their yard borders ours but they are always up high.  They're very friendly.  Unfortunately they only speak German, so our interactions are now just smiles and waves :o)  Notice that they have a tomato "house".  Also, WHY did my landlords pick THAT color to repaint the back retaining wall?  WHY WHY WHY? :o)  

Main bathroom downstairs.  I love this one.  Love it!  (And probably too much info, but when you need to *air* out a bathroom, there's nothing like a WIDE open window!)

Our bedroom.  I love having the window open at night... in the morning I wake up to the sound of birds chirping.

Balcony door from our room.  We don't spend enough time on the balcony.  I need to remedy this.  The main problem is I'm totally hooked on 24 right now (we have all the seasons from a friend) so we're watching waaaaay too much TV when we should be outside on this lovely balcony reading a book and drinking a glass of wine.  Don't you think?

Sammy's view.  Similar to the bathroom, but... higher :o)  (Her room is above the bathroom)

We have numerous skylights upstairs.  Unfortunately, we had to cover Sam and Lily's cause it just gets way too hot in their rooms.  Plus, with the extended summer sunlight, I like to have it dark(er) in their rooms while they sleep.  We need to get around to actually buying shades to go over the skylights in the girls room... right now we only have ghetto foil/paper taped up :o) 

Part of the view from Lily's window.  

The rest of Lily's veiw.  As soon as I come in the door in the morning or after nap she jumps up and runs to the side of the crib nearest the window so I'll open the rolladins all the way for her.  She loves to look outside.  

At the bottom of the stairs is one of my fave windows.  

But you can't really see a view...

...I just love the way the light dances through it.  Though I don't feel like this picture does it justice... stay tuned.  Maybe I'll figure out a better time of day to photograph it.  

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