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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Air Force Wife Lesson #6: Stay busy. It helps you keep your mind off things

Lesson #6:  Stay busy.  It helps you keep your mind off things (like how far away you are from everything you know!  And how intimidating it is to live in another country!) and helps you rack up a ton of fun memories!  Staying home is fine, but it's no fun for *all* the time! 

And this goes very well with Lesson #3 because one of the ways I've been staying busy recently is by hanging out with new friends during the day(s). 

Most recent example: this morning.  I decided to meet up with Amber at the Zoo.  (Insert explanation: I have two new Amber friends to confuse you with... this is not the one I hung out with yesterday.  That was Amber J.  This is Amber M.)  She'd invited me, and I'd declined because of a bunch of lame excuses.  But I woke up today and saw how beautiful it was outside and knew that she'd be there with other friends she wanted me to meet so I thought "We HAVE to go to the ZOO!" 

And we so we did! :o)  

I'm so glad we did!  I met two new gals (Laura and Jackie) and their kids... it was a ball with four Mommas, four *different* types of strollers, and seven kids.  So what if the girls *still* haven't fully recovered from our crazy weekend (because of yesterday's play date)?  So what if I didn't work out (been finding it harder to squeeze it in if I don't bang it out in the am)?  So what if more of my to-do list will get left undone today?

My girls are fine.  I can go for a walk or run this afternoon if I feel so inclined... or I can choose not worry about it.  And I can do those things that *need* to be done tomorrow. 

Air Force Wife Lessons #6 and #3 trump my boring daily routine :o) 

Also, God bless the creator of the GPS... for without it there's no way I'd be able to get anywhere in Germany by myself.  Ever.


  1. you are right . . . and I'm glad you are venturing out . . . the pic of LJ with the fawn is my new favorite!!! love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hehe it's a goat ;o) But it's one of my faves, too.