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Friday, July 1, 2011

A Not-So-Medieval Lunch

We were hungry and this was the least crowded place... I guess we could of stopped at one of the tents serving more "traditional" fare... but like I said we (meaning me, mostly) were hungry.  Plus, indoors was good to get a break from the sun. 

It was our first experience at a restaurant that didn't have an English menu... SO we politely asked the waitress to help us out.  For me, veggie "medallions" with a yummy yummy sauce.  No clue what any of it was, really, except for yummy.   For Jesse, schnitzel.  We have both sampled schnitzel now and have come to the conclusion it's kind of boring.  Needs a sauce or something. 

Lily's plate.  She ate off of Jesse's mostly... please note the chunk missing from the WHOLE lemon.  Apparently he was too slow cutting up her schnitzel! ;o)

It was funny having to ask for another highchair... which I did in GERMAN!  Psssht that's right folks.  I now know about five German phrases, two of which are "is there a highchair" and "is there a baby changing room" ;o)

Probably the best part of the meal was the discovery that this girl is getting to that blessed age where she's good with table food... so as long as I order something semi-smushy, she can be happily entertained during a whole meal.  This really opens up our going-out options!

Okay, maybe *this* was the best part of the meal ;o)  I forget what she called Jesse's but it was basically really good vanilla ice cream with chocolate milk.  And mine was apple strudel! 


  1. the desserts look YUMMY! . . . and with babies, less crowded and not-so-medieval is probably best.

    hugs and kisses to all!!!