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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Our First City Outing: Heidelberg

I'm finding it a little overwhelming to condense *all* of the memories of Heidelberg into one good blog post.  I uploaded all my favorite pics to facebook (check out the album here if you don't rock facebook, and since I've never tried that, someone needs to let me know if it doesn't work!) but I'm starting to realize that it's way too much to include all the pictures in a blog post.

Besides, a picture says a thousand words, right?  So if you look through the album, you're sure to understand that we had a very fun day and you'll see pretty much everything we did! 

Now, on to some of my favorite memories that may require more than a caption...

First of all, here you have me... wearing Sam.  Now, I'm smiling in this picture, but I was kind of a whiny-hiney about it for part of the day.  I didn't want to do baby-wearing all day!  But I knew that it was the only way to truly experience the whole castle thing.  And Jesse was toughing it out wearing Lily (which is a big deal cause he thinks the moby wraps are *gay*) and not complaining at all... so I snapped out of it and tried to ignore my aching shoulders.

And I'm so glad I sucked it up, cause these are some of the views I would have missed if we had tried stroller-style instead.  The view of Heidelberg is amazing from the castle! 

THIS GIRL hardly complained once (she takes after her Daddy!) about being strapped tight on her Dad's back on a hot summer day.  We were all a bit sticky cause it was humid and rainy at times.  But we took a few nice breaks and it wasn't that bad at all.  Her and Sam are both quite content to observe the world from a parent's back :o) 

So I was too lazy to research all the history of the castle and the city... but the reason we were there was to attend one of the thrice-yearly castle illumination ceremonies.  They do it to celebrate the city (and castle) having survived multiple attacks by the French.  I think the idea is that though the castle has been badly damaged, it still stands.  As does the city... and they're mighty proud!

The city is nestled right up to a river and we'd heard that the best way to view the fireworks was from the other side of the river facing the castle... but then we found this spot above the castle a little and we talked to some locals who were parked there with lawn chairs and they said *this* was the best place to watch from.  We were sold.  Especially since it seemed like it would be less crowded.

So this is the initial "castle lighting"... it's supposed to look like the castle is on fire (as it was when attacked) which I find a bit frightening, but they must all think it's sweet since they do it three times a year ;o)

Kind of eerie, but neat at the same time.  It was very pretty, that's for sure.  Also, shout out to my husband for his mad picture taking skills.

Then the set off fireworks over the river to symbolize the city's ultimate triumph over the French.  It was a pretty impressive display!  I was especially happy we got to see it since we missed the Fourth of July fireworks on base (some dummy *coughmecough* planned a BBQ the same night and didn't know till it was too late!) and so it was fun to think of past fireworks displays and proudly remember my country's triumphs, too! 

I think Jesse should start a new career.  In "computer background desktop making".  It's so much more legit than the Air Force ;o)

My favorite part about Lily falling asleep on Jesse's back was that her feet were dangling around and kicking him in the butt with every step :o)  And speaking of my kids being sleep-pros... neither of them woke up until 11am this morning!  I'm such a blessed Momma, let me tell you what!  I don't know of many little munchkin girls who are so easy on their parents... they barely complain when we do crazy things that interrupt their normal routine!  And they bounce right back after! 

So the moral of the story is:  Heidelberg was the bomb ;o)  And Jessica is getting better and better about being flexible and chill when it comes to traveling with two babies! 

The next three years are going to be awesome!


  1. Is there a big "like" button on here somewhere?? Love touring with you and seeing the sights. Babies are sooooo darling, as is Mama! (Dad ain't bad either.) Enjoy every minute Jessica! Memories of a lifetime!

  2. I'm so glad you had such a wonderful time. I definitely don't know any little girls that are that easy-going about their schedules! I can't wait to keep visiting Europe with you guys!!

  3. Dear family in Germany,
    We are so glad you are seeing and learning so much. What a wonderful experience! The girls will cherish looking at the photos of where they 'use to live'! And for sure- we are enjoying visiting them with you all!
    Please tell my Son that when i was younger, we could always tell when a man was a tourist from the other side of the pond somewhere because they 'wore' their babies--much cooler than than guys from here who didn't!
    Hope your shoulders have recuperated -Sam has never been a lightweight and she has grown so much! XXX00000