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Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday "Blues" (Air Force Style)

Look at that handsome Airman of mine.  Let's take a moment and pity him, though.  Why?  Cause it's Monday.  And cause the Air Force is mean.  Why?  Because as if Mondays needed yet another reason to be lame, the Air Force thinks it's a great idea to wear dress blues on Mondays.  Bummer, huh?  Talk about blue.

I wasn't really feeling that blue this morning, though.  A little tired, but not sad.  I went outside to take a picture of this super cool spider's web :o)  Rainy, foggy, icky feeling Mondays do have their upsides.  (Says the girl who gets to wear her sweatpants as long as she wants!)

And then I checked out how things are growing in the garden and looky! :o)  YAY!  I'm trying to restrain myself from popping it right into my mouth, but it's not *that* hard cause I know it'll taste much better soon.  Also, garden update... I don't think I'm winning the battle against the slugs after all :o(  I've seen a few eating my lettuce... and I had to *touch* one to get it out of there.  BLECH.  But I'm hoping the egg shells and coffee are working *somewhat*.  I think the coffee grounds make the slugs explode a little, too... there have been a few snot-trail-dead-slug episodes recently.  Yummy.  You're welcome for that mental picture.

What happened to my view? :o)  Don't worry, it's back.  The day actually turned into a bright sunshiny day.  And I took the girls to visit with a friend who babysits a two-year-old and three-year-old girl.  So we had a fun play date and I got them all tuckered out before nap! :o)  Now I'm gonna go boogie and see if I can bang out some Rosetta Stone before they wake up!


  1. Great pictures!!! I love your new camera! ;)

  2. One super great thing about Adam's job is that he almost NEVER has to wear blues!! It's awesome! :) The only time he has worn them since he's been here was the Monday he was at FTAC (not sure if Jesse did that or not - it was just an orientation thing).

  3. Yeeeeah he did FTAC. And I'm sure he'll be jealous that Adam's off the blues hook ;o)