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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Our Perfect Little German Town

It's funny that I mentioned yesterday how rainy it's been and then it turned out to be a perfect day!  So Jen and I decided to go take a walk around Otterberg.  It was great cause she basically gave me a camera/photography lesson :o)  And I also get to give you a tour of the town... check out the album on facebook (and someone please let me know if that doesn't work!) for all the pictures.

What I love best about Otterberg is... okay well there's a few things I love:

1.  The fact that it fits what I imagined as the perfect little German town.  You can walk to everything!  Restaurants, grocery store, butcher shop, bakery, church, pool, etc.  It's so fun!  
2.  The church.  The church is SO BEAUTIFUL!  Jen and I actually took the girls and our cameras right in and took pictures!  I'll post them tomorrow if I can.  Being inside a church so old and so amazing just makes me want to sing and dance and pray all at once.  I love it!
3.  It's pretty.  Enough said :o)

I love our town!


  1. I LOVE your perfect little German town! And the pics are great! Can't wait to see the photos of the church.

  2. Thanks Maryah! Hopefully I'll have time this afternoon. Hey, did the facebook link work for you?

  3. Yep! Worked perfectly. I looked at them both signed in and signed out of my Moms FB account. So I don't think that there should be problem for anybody else viewing them.

  4. But did you have to use your mom's account to view them? Cause I know there are friends who read the blog but don't use fb. Do you think they'd be able to see the albums?

  5. No, I did not need to use my moms account to see them. I could easily browse through all the photos in that album. No commenting and going to other photo albums though-if I could've I would've 'liked' every single picture!

  6. Hehe perfect. That's exactly what I was hoping for! :o) Thanks for the feedback girl!