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Monday, July 25, 2011

Wanna Tour Lilo's Yard?

It has pretty much been cloudy and rainy for the past three weeks here.  But before that happened I took some pictures of the side yard... which used to be Lilo's garden.  We just have a tiny little garden plot.  She used to have three levels of garden.  You can see that it was once very beautiful.  And it still is, but in a sort of sad, "shadow of what it once was" way.

These are the fruit trees that she's more than happy to share with us!

She doesn't know the English word for these, though I've never seen them before anyways.  They're supposed to be similar to plums, and delicious in baked goods :o) 

TWO apple trees :o) :o) 

J did some landscaping this weekend so he trimmed all the overgrown shrubs and bushes.  It looks much nicer now.  I want to plant some more flowers next year, too.

Compost pile.  Mmmm.

There's my garden :o) 

I spotted someone taking a break from playing with Daddy to come check on me ;o) 

These are one of two sets of stairs going up to the third level.

Lilo calls this the garden house... like a tool shed.

Nice spot for an evening meal.  Or weekend breakfast, though we haven't done that yet.

View from there.

This is the fish pond.  LJ and I have fed them bread once but they weren't too interested.  And they didn't want to come out to play for pictures :o) 

And we're back to the stairs going down to level two. 

Here's the view from there...

When I zoom in all the way you can almost make out the Wasgau grocery store I can walk to.

Alright the end.  I have to scurry to get the girls and house ready so we can hang out with my new friend Jen today.  We've hung out once before but I'm going to pick her up so we can hang out here and have some baby-free visit time during the girls afternoon nap.  She's a photographer so I get to pick her brain about my new camera and my picture skills ;o) 


  1. Ah... I'm getting so antsy to start a garden. Not so antsy to touch dirt and the creatures that live in the dirt, but very excited to eat from my garden!

  2. Nice tour! Such a lovely place. Those flowers are very pretty!

  3. I don't really touch the dirt or critter much :o)