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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Saturday Smatterings

Skype is way more fun with an iPad.  It's way easier to chase LJ around (as opposed to the laptop).

My first garden casualty.  Probably not my last, either.  (No clue what happened.)

Cheesecake from last weekend.  In Jesse's words: "This is the best cheesecake you've ever made."  Golly ;o)

We got suckered into paying for this museum at the medieval fest... which we thought would be about the castle... which ended up being a room full of fossils.  Cool, but not what we were looking for.  Also, kind of random location for such a museum?  But it was only a euro, and LJ got to walk around.  

Look what we have here!  I was just curious what she would do with it and she drank about four ounces all on her own!  I'm pretty impressed, though I don't think it's unusual... it's just that Lily refused to hold her own cup till she was almost a year old!  But Lily's lazy... or maybe Sam's a show off ;o)

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