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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Afternoon Sun on the Balcony

The weather's been gorgeous this week, so we spent some time out on the balcony.

Lily thinks this is her special "climbing toy".

The balcony gives us a fantastic view of the tractor(s) going by.  They were hauling something back and forth so we got to see them a few times.

"What WAS that thing Momma?"

"It was so loud... I don't think I'm a fan."

Check out my awning.  Shout out to the 70's ;o)

Oh this just in:  Lily now "breastfeeds" her Dolly... and any other random stuffed animal around.  The funny thing is that *apparently* she lactates from her belly button ;o)  I'm proud of her for multi-tasking so well (drinking and nursing at once! such a good "Momma").

They're fast becoming the other's built-in entertainment :o)


  1. they have quite the view from the balcony. is there like a plastic/plexiglass kind of thing attached to the rail?

    great captions under pics-
    especially appreciate the pics of LJ *feeding* dolly =]. wait til she helps momma by *changing* lil sissy's dipe! that's always a fun moment!


  2. Giovanna played on the bouncer just like that when Lucia used to use it! Take tons of pictures of Lilly nursing. I look at all of the pictures we took of G nursing when L was a peanut and it warms my heart.

  3. Toni, the railing is some sort of plastic. I think, don't quote me. You can see it up close and personal when you come visit ;o)

    And oh my gosh I hope she NEVER attempts a diaper change! Good grief!