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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rest in Peace, Tomato Plants

It's official.  They're gone... as in I harvested the last of the frost-bitten green ones and Jesse ripped up the plants and tossed them in the junk pile.  

Gone.  A moment of silence, please ;o)

Poor tomato plants. Poor, poor tomato plants.  Poor me, too!  I knew we were planting a little late, but I wasn't anticipating the season being *this* short!  So much for all that salsa I was going to can!  I got about 3 quarts out of it.  And I'm going to try my hand at green tomato relish this week.  Not really sure what you eat that on, but I'm sure I'll figure something out!

Mr. Upstairs Neighbor has the right idea with his tomato house.  He pulls down a protective cover over them each night and *he* still has lovely, happy, ripening tomato plants.  Maybe he'll look down from above and think of me again ;o)  

At least my parsley,



and maaaaybe pumpkin are doing fine. 

All in all, I'd still have to say our first garden was a success.  We're already making our "list" for next year.  We're quite sure yet just what we're changing is far as layout and setup, but we've definitely learned a lot.

And hey, cheer up Jessica, you got SOME things to grow! :o)


  1. Frost in August? Wow. Sorry about your tomatoes :/

  2. it is always a sad time to watch the end of tomatoes...and very hard to go back to store-bought (brought?) which don't seem to taste tomatoey. but its exciting to be thinking about next years planting already! and those great greens are going to be around for a while. looks like you are victor in the battle with the slugs ;)

  3. Mattea, it was only a week or so of cold, and I think maybe only one night of frost... but that's all it takes, apparently!

    Jen, the basil IS yummy. Especially on pizza :o)

    Toni, I agree about the lack of tomatoey taste from the store. I could still go to the farmer's market(s) but I don't have the energy to hit three different places throughout the week for groceries :o) Seasons...