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Monday, August 8, 2011

Best DIY Toy Ever

Kids.  They never cease to amaze.  Everyone always tells you that they won't really like toys as much as non-toys.  But when you actually watch it pan out...

...milk bottle tops.  Yes, that's right.  Plastic bottle tops.  Would-be garbage (or recycling! ;o) ) turned into one of my kids' favorite toys thanks to my Mom. 

I think it's a peanut jar?  And all she did was throw a bunch of milk bottle tops in and BOOM, success!  We introduced Lily to it when we were living at Mom and Dad's during Basic.  And it's been with us ever since ;o)

My favorite part about this post is that I did not - I repeat, NOT - stage them both playing with this toy separately today.  I did give it to Sammy while I fixed breakfast, but only because I knew she loved it.  And I definitely didn't give it to Lily later in the morning... it's like she knew I wanted to blog about it or something ;o) 

But here you go... proof that both my kids love this toy that was free with the purchase of a few gallons of Rawleigh family milk and some peanuts!

Um, so... to bring this to a close... Thanks Mom!  And, ahem, you could always send some more bottle caps our way since they don't sell gallons of milk here... just sayin' ;o)


  1. that's funny that both of them decided to play with it on the same day and you took pics! just so you know it was blue diamond almonds (with sea salt) that came in that-there container! and it probably wasn't *all* Rawleigh family milk, I collected a BUNCH of those for game pieces at school!

    that's just the kind of 'free' toy your gramma used to figure out for you, too!

  2. Almonds, that's right! As I was typing peanuts I was thinking that it didn't sound right. Love you!

  3. milk tops are right up there next to the box that the gift comes in as far as best toys! i just threw our collection away a few years ago- should have saved them since we don't drink anywhere near the amt of milk we once went through!!

  4. I started saving tops for zave a few months ago. I think having the different colors is fun as another teaching tool...and he loves to count and line them up and just pick up a whole bunch at once. A toast to bottle caps! -Cassie