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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Burg Nanstein

We went to Landsthul's castle this weekend.  Landsthul is right down the road from us... it's part of the KMC and there's actually an army post up the hill from the village.  That's the location of the American hospital - Landsthul Regional Medical Center/LRMC (that also treats the "wounded warriors" from "downrange").  And also the location of this cool castle!

Well I've been itching to go since it's so close and an easy afternoon trip for us. 

So we went! :o) 

Wikipedia doesn't say much, except that it was built around 1162... and when it fell during a siege in 1523 it became a symbol of the decline of the castles in the area.

I just love all the castle ruins everywhere!  There's also on in Kaiserslautern, I think.  And you can take boat tours down the Rhine river, where there is apparently a castle around every bend!  Definitely a trip for next summer!

It was a lovely day.  We toured the castle and then had pizza on base... we had to get gas and pick up a few things at the BX.  By the time we got home everyone was tired so the girls napped and us parents decided that was a lovely idea.  I woke up to a huge rain storm... which of course meant I had to run upstairs to check on the girl's open windows... only to find Sammy getting rained on!  Oops :o) 

Here are the rest of the pictures from our adventure :o)


  1. I see you got Jesse and Lily a better backpack for day trips!!! YAY! Jesse - why do you always have to look so grumpy in the pictures?

  2. One of the guys I work with went on the Rhine tour. Brought back a lot of great pictures and said it was really fun.

    Love ya Dad

  3. That last picture is great! :) And I love the first one of you under the arch, I like how you can see parts of Sammy behind you if you look close. :o) Beautiful castle!

  4. He hates posing for pictures ;o) But I make him anyways. Thanks Maryah!

  5. thanks for the tour- it's still amazing to me that you guys are right there in all that rich history that i've only seen in books!
    and i LOVE all the pics that include some member/s of the fam (even if Son won't smile)

    [note to Son- you're much more handsome when you smile or should i say whatever you do- don't smile? reverse psych worked in your younger years (hey, i'm trying here =)

  6. MIL: reverse psych no longer works on that sucker. Mostly my tactic is "POSE FOR THE DANG PICTURE so the GIRLS have something to look back on" :o) Usually the "it's for the girls" guilt trip works well!