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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Black and White Devil Cat

Cats Eyes, originally uploaded by left-hand.
I'm not usually an "I hate cats" kind of person. Except for this one neighborhood cat.

Why do I hate him?

Because TWICE this summer when I left my door(s) open, he CAME IN MY HOUSE!

The first time I had left the back door open because it locks automatically and I was hanging laundry on the line. When I came back in something black and white caught my eyes coming DOWN my stairs! The dang cat had gone into the house and up the stairs! Thankfully I keep the girls' bedroom doors closed. And thankfully he ran out the door fast cause I was headed for my broom.

The next time he came right in my front door! I had it open to let in the breeze, not the kitties! I think I had gone to the bathroom or something and was coming back into the living room just in time to see a black and white blur sprinting out the door. Grrrr.

OH and then there was the time the girls were napping and I was just quietly enjoying some time on the computer when I saw something black and white out of the corner of my eye... ON MY KITCHEN COUNTER! The thing had the nerve to come right in my open kitchen window! I threw an apple at him this time. And yes, I missed ;o)

Also. He used my garden as his litter box recently. And the only reason I didn't hunt him down and skin him alive ;o) is because it was at the point where we were pretty much done harvesting. The tomatoes were gone already. But I still wasn't happy about cleaning up his kitty poop. Jerk.

We wonder sometimes if maybe he was left here by the previous tenants. That happens in the KMC... people don't want to pay to ship their pets so they just leave them. But they didn't seem like "those" kind of people... since they had a dog and they seem to have taken him.  And the cat still seems fed. Who knows.

I still hate him.


  1. lol just wait..this is how it starts. I hated cats too until about 2 years ago when I lived in a rent house that came with a cat. He belonged to the neighbor but he LOVED our house. My roomies and I couldn't stand him but he made his way into our house and our hearts. :)

  2. I don't know. Though I must admit... I've thought to myself that I *might* be willing to put a bowl of food out if I notice him start to waste away ;o) I'm a sucker, what can I say!