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Monday, August 29, 2011

Playdough Extravaganza

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Lillian.  Lillian's Momma was challenged by her friend (and her friend's friend) who did lots of fun activities with their kids.  Lillian's Momma has been realizing lately that she is not as good as she'd like to be about scheduling in times of "focused, educational play" with Lillian.

Since Lillian's Momma wanted to grow in this area, she busted out her Momma's old homemade playdough recipe... which took less than ten minutes to make and brought back tons of memories because it smelled like her childhood :o) 

And she showed Lillian how much fun it is to poke and play with the gooey balls of colorful dough.

(This face may or may  not be an "I just slipped a piece into my mouth before anyone noticed" face.)

So while Lillian's baby sissy Samantha played with bottle tops, Lillian's Momma showed her how to make yellow playdough snowmen and long playdough ropes.  Then she practiced naming the colors and even showed Lillian how mixing two colors together makes another color.

It was very exciting to Lillian's Momma (and Daddy) that by the end of the playdough playtime, Lillian was able to properly identify and "say" blue and orange.  This is a big deal, because Lillian hardly says anything very often!

Then Lillian's Momma let sissy Samantha play with a wad...

...which went down exactly as expected ;o) 

The End.


  1. so funny. I love Sam. I mean I love Lilly too but I just laughed every time I saw a picture of Sam. Playing with her bottle caps, eating the dough...she's just hilarious!

  2. Ah . . . the memories of playdough days you just brought back . . . and the nice thing about home made dough is that it's not toxic! If somebody really does eat it, it's NBD!

  3. Thanks gals! Half the pics are by Jesse's hand. And yeah Mom, it's definitely a relief that it's all food-grade stuff she ate. Though it tastes a bit salty, I'm guessing ;o)

  4. salty-schmalty (if it was too gross, she won't do it again, will she?)

    ps- you could probably use the bottle tops as cookie cutters! you def. need a plastic toy rolling pin! :o)

  5. Care to share the recipe? I tried to get it via looking at the picture on a larger scale but I'm not sure what the last ingredient is. Even thought Titus would eat it I think he would enjoy playing with it. :o)

  6. Mom, maybe "playdough toys" should go on the "girlie gift list" ;o)

    Here ya go Leah:

    1 C flour
    1 T oil
    1 C water
    1/2 C salt
    2 T cream of tarter

    Cook on medium heat until ball forms.
    Knead it. Add food coloring.
    Store in air-tight container/bag.

    I may not have cooked mine enough, so it was sticky at first. But as it cooled down (before I added the coloring and we actually played with it) it held together better.