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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dinner With Jenny-Poo

Hey, look!  There's Jen!  Everyone say, "Hi, Jen!"

My Love kicked me out of the house on Friday for a night with a friend so Jen and I went to a delicious Italian restaurant in Landsthul.  Jen got a pizza which looked amazing (as you can see) and I got salmon filled ravioli (which tasted AMAZING but looks kind of like a plate of orange goop in the picture!) ;o)  

I can't remember the name of the restaurant but it was great.  Dining out in Germany has a very different feel than in the States.  I may have mentioned it before, but you just go in and seat yourself wherever there's room... which, as you can see late on a Friday, was pretty much wherever we wanted :o)

The service is usually very minimal.  But that doesn't mean the wait staff isn't attentive (usually) it's just that they don't hover and ask you every five minutes if you need anything else.  If you do need something, you just get their attention and ask.   Which is nice, because it meant that Jen and I pretty much had about 3 hours of uninterrupted gab-time. 

Not to mention it was our first chance to hang out without Double Trouble since we've met.  Jen's great about hanging out with the girls.  But I find that it's nice every once in a while to be able to talk to someone without thinking about diapers, naps, whiny toddlers, or hungry little tummies :o)  It's amazing how much clarity comes to my Mommy-brain when I don't have to think about my mommy-duties!

Oh yes, it was a nice night.  A very nice night. 

(Thanks Babe for kicking me out of the house!  And thanks for not beating me up when I forgot to call you and tell you I was running an hour later than I said!!) 


  1. Hi Jen! I shall try my best not to be jealous of you and the fact that you get to be around them there Aiduk's. ;) I'm happy you two got out sans kids. Salmon filled Ravioli? YUM!!! Did I tell you about Pesto Salmon? It rocks my world. Mm. Well, I know what is for dinner tonight.

  2. WHAT is pesto salmon?? I want to make it! Stat!

  3. Put the broiler on. Slab a very generous amount of pesto on each salmon steak. Top with fresh parmesan/asiago cheese blend. 10 minutes or so (I just check on them after 8 minutes and add more time if needed). Bam. You're welcome! ;)

  4. Oh that's so simple and delicious sounding! Definitely going to file it away to use next time I have pesto around :o)

  5. I looooove Lobster Ravioli (so much that I capitalized it!)!! I can't imagine what Salmon Ravioli tastes like!! - Cassie