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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

S is for Summer and Slide

 Check out what Lily and Sam recently acquired!  

A co-worker of J's had this slide given to him for his two little girls (who are a few years older than our two) and they don't really use it anymore so they gave it to our two little girls!

Sam is itching to be able to, uh, get about six months older so she can show Lily how it's done ;o)

LJ doesn't like to go down by herself cause she's a pansy.  

But she loves climbing up.  

And will be coerced into going down only if someone is holding her hand.  What a chicken ;o) 

But a cute little chicken.  

Look at these curls!  My gosh.

Introducing the new Care Bear teddy that Jen helped Lily pick out at the Thrift Store.  

'Bout time these kids (and their parents!) got to have some fun in the sun!  Germany's finally being nice and letting summer show it's face.  Rumor has it that fall will be here in about two weeks ;o)

So we're definitely enjoying it while we can.  The girls are actually getting tan lines (LJ has a sandal tan!) from all of our outdoor excursions... mostly in the form of a long walk every day for the past week and a half. 

I picked a good week to keep it close to home, cause less time running around in the car means more time to walk around town.  And we're kind of stuck close to home this week, too, cause Jesse is replacing the breaks on the Mercedes.  He finished one side last night and will probably do the other tonight or tomorrow.  But I'm in no rush... Amber and the boys are coming to see us tomorrow so we get to play with friends this week even without a car!

It's fantastic to actually experience a little bit of summer!


  1. That second to last pic looks...interesting, Sam just wasn't having the best picture day!

  2. Cute. All so cute! Tash is our "chicken". She is VERY cautious. At the public pool she follows Josh around and screams when he gets within 10 feet of the "deep" end. She doesn't know what to do when I bring both Josh and Allie. lol.

  3. That's funny because she looks all brave and tough (confident) at the top of the slide, but it does look kinda big!

    I've seen several pictures of the sandals from Pookie's but does she wear the sporty-sandal-shoes from Target at all? nbd - I just wasn't entirely sure the tan ones from Pookie's would last very long and they *seem* to be her faves!

  4. Steph: yeah, Sam was being kind of sassy. In that second to last pic, doesn't it kind of look like she's swearing at LJ? hehe.

    Nicole: I laughed picturing "Momma Tash" chasing the littles around :o)

    Mom: She's very brave about climbing up to the top, but not about coming down. It's cause she falls on her butt and once she bumped her head... not even hard! So dramatic ;o) About the sandals, the blue ones fit her great and are so cute, but the back slips off a lot and she gets really cranky about it. So we usually go with the tan ones cause they're more stable. And the neutral color helps, too... especially when she's wearing a bright pink dress ;o)

  5. i think *S* is my new favorite letter!
    great post-