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Monday, August 1, 2011

God Bless the Baggers

grocery aisle, originally uploaded by The Consumerist.

It will never cease to amaze me how long it takes me to do some *simple* errands with both girls. Never.

Or maybe it will... and maybe someday I'll actually budget the proper amount of time to get things done with the two of them. As opposed to this afternoon where I tried to run four *simple* errands during that precious 2-3 hours in between Sam's morning and afternoon nap. Fail. The errands themselves took over three hours :o)

Thankfully, my girls are relatively flexible and forgiving about such Momma-blunders.

But it did remind me that I don't know if I've mentioned the baggers at the Commissary. They do what their name implies: bag your groceries. But the catch is they only work for tips. And they bag for you no matter what, but they expect a little something if you want them to take your groceries out to your car for you and take the cart back.

Nothing too extravagant... I usually throw 'em fifty cents for bagging (if I carry the bags out myself) and $1-2 for an actual drop to my car. Maybe I'm stingy, too, I don't really know ;o)

Now let's compare the me of about a year ago to the me of now.

About a year ago, when I first encountered these so called baggers, I was *baffled* that *anyone* would *pay* someone to carry their bags out to the car for them. I mean, come on, my legs weren't broken. And *I* was six months pregnant (and LJ was about 10 months old) at the time. Sheesh.

I scoffed.

Now... I pay :o)

I am MORE than HAPPY to throw those kind high schoolers and retirees a few bucks if it shaves ten minutes off of my grocery trip (no lie, cause I'd have to unload the cart and then take it all the way back to the place it goes with both girls...)

So I will say it again, God bless the baggers at the Commissary :o)


  1. Ha! I've totally succumbed to their awesomeness too!! They don't have a cart return in the middle of the parking lot, so I would totally have to take the cart all the way back to the store, and I'm just not feelin it. So, I pay the couple bucks and let them deal with it! It will be stinkin amazing in the winter too!! Yay for baggers!

  2. Hehe remember how confused we were about them when we first got to Keesler? And how you asked General Muller's wife about it? Good times! (And yes, our Commissary's cart return is all the way back at the front of the store. Heck no.)