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Friday, August 5, 2011

Newest Addition to the Kitchen

I don't know who's more excited about this, Lily or me :o) 

Laura's two boys were more interested in throwing the dishes around than playing with the kitchen set, so she said we could have it!  

All I said was that I'd like to get LJ a kitchen set soon!  Yahtzee! 

Thanks for being so generous Laura!!!


  1. I like your dress, Lily! Sammy, I think I like your outfit, too . . . but I never get to see the fronts of your clothes, just the back! :o)

    How did you know that I had been thinking about a kitchen set for my girlses, too?!?!?! I *think* I'm gonna make one for gamma's house that I saw online - - they made it from a tv stand! I'm gonna make it from our really old tv stand! (the tv stand from Odessa that is still in the closet in the basement)

    LOVE YOU!!!!

  2. LJ looks right at home in her new kitchen!
    she's going to be a cooker like her momma...

  3. Haha Mom, the tv stand that Luke broke the glass on? ;o)

    Toni, I certainly hope so, cause then this Momma can get a break!

  4. it was *definitely* Brutus who broke the glass, but no that's the one that fit in the corner - - I'm talking older than that one, it's been in the basement in the closet since we moved here (I think it was in the attic in Montour Falls)