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Friday, August 5, 2011

Mirabellen Muffins and Friendly Neighbors

These are Mirabellen.  They taste like baby plums.  I took some cookies to Lilo a few nights ago and she practically begged me to help her harvest the fruit from the back tree.  Again, she doesn't have to tell me twice :o)  This whole bowl is just from the ground... the ones the slugs and bees weren't eating.  And today I went out and filled a larger bowl.  We like them fresh, with our yogurt, and baked into muffins.  So far that's all I've really tried, but I'm considering a pie at some point :o) 

Lilo was so blessed by the cookies that she brought us up not one, but TWO bottles of wine!  And reminded us (again) that she would be more than happy to sit upstairs while the girls slept at night so we could go out for dinner sometime.  We're planning on taking her up on that one soon!

The reason I actually baked the cookies was to give Laura a "thank you treat" for watching the girls so I could go to Heartlink.  But I also gave some to Lilo and to our "upstairs neighbor" because Mr. Upstairs Neighbor gave me two handfuls of tomatoes a week ago. 

It was hard to explain to him what I was giving him, and when he finally realized it he didn't want to accept it.  But I forced him to :o) 

About five minutes later Mrs. Upstairs Neighbor was at our back door.  She had my container... full of tomatoes and cucumbers!  I'm not sure whether they were thanking me for the cookies or asking for more ;o) but either way I don't mind keeping up the exchange!


  1. <3 the picture of the mirabellen! Very artsy looking.

    And your neighbors have every reason to love you :)

  2. love that you have good neighbors-
    never heard of mirabellen but it sounds delish.

  3. Mattea, thanks! I'm trying to work on my food photography and that picture is one of my recent triumphs! ;o)