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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Only a Hippie Would Be Excited About This

RYS:  Ramstein Yard Sales
Basically Craig's List in the States... but set up specifically for the Kaiserslautern Military Community.  I bought our area rug for $50.  I never really used Craig's List much, but my understanding is that they work about the same.  Someone lists something they're selling, you buy (or offer lower ;o) as I typically do) and usually go pick it up yourself.  Bingo.  Cheap deals :o)

I scored this AMAZING laundry drying rack for $10!  And she threw in about forty wooden clothespins, too!   It's metal, folds up nicely, and can hold at least a load and a half of laundry, maybe two if I'm careful with space.  So now I can more easily hang dry our clothes (don't need to worry about the weather, as it's been overcast/rainy a lot), even in the winter!  As you can see, it's pretty big.  Good thing my laundry room is huge, too! 

We'll put the money saved into our "travel Europe" fund :o) 


  1. I love it!!! When I grow up and have time and space to be hippified then I shall have one too. ;)-Cassie

  2. *chuckles* "when I grow up" :o) Are we ever gonna grow up? Gosh I hope not! (But space and time are definitely issues... and I look forward with you till when you can be more of a hippie!)