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Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Another fun-filled playgroup today.  Laura hosted at her house this time.  (And since all of them are real photographers, I took the opportunity to ask for some pointers and practice a bit!)  What I love best about hanging out with these gals is that all the kids are about the same age range (0-4 years) and they just have a blast together.  And I love hearing the history the girls have together... they've all been here at least two years, so their kids have basically grown up together! 

Kirsten (belongs to Jacki)
Dylan (belongs to Amber)
Michael (belongs to Laura)

Lily and Zeke (Jackie's youngest)

Jacki in the middle, Amber to the right.
Sam eating a plate.  Because there just weren't enough toys around, obviously ;o)

Laura and Matthew (her youngest) aka Charlie Brown :o)

Lily being grouchy... primarily because she has to share the house and secondarily because Kirsten is touching her chin ;o)  Which I think it cute.  Also, a little bubble bursting is good for kids, so I let her tough it out ;o)

Another big thing that rocks about these girls is their willingness to hook a sister up with babysitting.  Amber's already watched the girls numerous times and Laura is watching them tomorrow so I can go to Heartlink with Jen.  And Jacki's got my back for this fun German cooking class I'm taking with the USO at the end of the month.  

New friendships... one of the many blessings I'm experiencing lately :o) 


  1. Sounds wonderful! I love the first picture a lot, I don't know why but it just screams unorganized artisticness all over it! :o)

  2. hahaha - - I can just hear Lily saying, 'excuse me, you are in my bubble, I don't like that, and I don't like sharing the house' poor kid . . .

  3. looks like Sam has an 'idea' about the proper use of a plate!

    looks like a bunch of fun!