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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Poor Sick Lillian

I guess I spoke too soon about going out and enjoying the nice weather and hanging out with Amber this week... Lily's been feeling icky for the past day and a half now.  Mostly it's just a fever... with a little yucky cough thrown in there.  She's sleeping more, laying on the couch and watching movies more, and cuddling more.  I wish she was eating and drinking a little more. 

But today she's smiling more, so at least I know she's on the mend :o) 

This is pretty much how she spent the entire day yesterday.  And today she woke up early (miserable) and spent the morning on the couch and went down for a nap at the same time as Sam.  I think her fingers (the ones she sucks on) are going to shrivel up and fall right off!

We've watched Up, Cars, Mulan, and part of Toy Story :o)  Nothing like having a sick baby girl to make you slow down.  And watch tv! 


  1. Sorry you are sick, Lily-Bear! Hope you feel better SOON!!!

  2. Me and Lily, we're like the same person (minus all our differences, ex: I can talk). I'm sick too, with a fever and a cough!

  3. was so sad to hear LJ was not feeling well...at this age her dad was often sick with chest/coughy yuck. together we shared lots of sleepless or sleeping in a sitting position on the couch nights. i hope LJ has a stronger constitution than dad did...

  4. Hehe Steph (to the being the same person part, not the sick part. I hope you feel better soon!)

    Toni, I remember you saying that and I hope it's not the case. But this is probably only the second time in her life she's really been what I would consider "sick". We'll see how this winter goes, because she'll likely be exposed to more kids (playgroups, church nursery, etc)

  5. Giovanna is sick right now too! She has a fever and a rash covering her whole body, and she's dealing with a nasty cough! Aww...kindred sicky spirits.

  6. So...I had to start my blog reading early this week. I miss you guys!! Sorry to hear LJ is ill. She and her cousin are apparently on the same schedule...only he's on his second cold in three weeks. Now I don't feel so bad about the other day when he sat in front of the PBS channel all morning watching some favorite shows, eating some comfort food (cocoa puffs), and sucking on his b (pacifier).;) Some days are just like that. Love you and the babies!! (And Jesse!) - Cassie

  7. Don't these kids know you're supposed to be sick in THE WINTER when all Momma wants to do is cuddle up on the couch anyways? It was killing me that the sun was shining and we were stuck indoors :o( But she's all better now and the weather is supposed to be great today!