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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Some Random Smatterings

Jen took this picture of Lily.  I really like it.  And since she took it on my camera, I'm claiming it as my own... so ha Jen.  You can't make millions off that one ;o) 

Jesse took this one the other day.  I was washing dishes and the sunlight comes in the kitchen window really strong in the evening... all the sudden he was bossing me around and telling me to put my hand on the cutting board.  Nice work, though!

Speaking of nice work... he bought me a new bag this weekend.  It has Germany and all the fun city names all over it.  It feels a little dorky cause it's totally touristy, but we both liked it, so why not? 

Also speaking of nice work, he hung some more pictures on the wall for me this week.  That wall was looking pretty boring... but I was holding off cause I couldn't decide what newer pictures to get printed for those frames.  I just decided to go with the ones that were in them for now :o)  Now the wall isn't naked and the living room looks more complete.

Chocolate from Globus :o)  I told Bethany I would sample all the delicious chocolate before sending a box to family... it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make for them ;o) 

Mr. Upstairs Neighbor gave me ANOTHER big bag of toms!  (See what I mean about the crazy evening sun?)  I'm loving this friendly neighbor stuff.  (He also communicated to me that the cookies were very good by drawing a picture of a circle in the air.  Who says I need to learn German? ;o) )  Anyways, I'm using these beauties for lots of caprese salads, grilled tomato basil skewers, and homemade salsa.  I'm experimenting with lacto-fermented vegetables.  Lacto-what-the-heckity-heck?  I'll cover it in a post soon ;o) 

Happy Thursday!


  1. haha I like the smorgasbord of subjects. and I liked the picture of Lily too..that's why I didn't delete it. so you're welcome. :) I totally relate to Jesse being bossy with the camera in his hand as well...James does that every now and then and we end up with a picture I like very much! (although most of the time it's me on the couch with no makeup on).

  2. i love LJs tousled hair =)
    the new bag is really cool
    kudos on the picture hanging!
    CHOCOLATE ;) (no words nec.!)

  3. Jen: I think DSLR cameras are *very* unforgiving about those sans makeup shots ;o)

    MIL: Lily's hair is nuts! J picks on me cause I comb it out after baths and then kind of scrunch up the curls a little. He's like "what's the point of coming it?"

  4. I love the bag!! And I never met a German chocolate I didn't like! HA! It's even better than chocolate from the UK in my opinion.