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Thursday, August 11, 2011

When In Rome: Eat Chocolate Eggs

The Americans call these "Kinder Eggs".  Kinder is a popular brand of German chocolate... it's target audience being the kids I'm guessing :o) 

We tried our first eggs the other day.  They have little prizes inside.  Very good chocolate, though I can't say I'll be eating my weight in Kinder Eggs while we're here... I'd rather go for big fat chocolate bar.

More chocolate is better than the prize inside, in my humble opinion ;o)


  1. Chocolate eggs with prizes inside? That puts cracker jacks to shame.

  2. interesting - but i'm with you Jess- the big fat choc bar is the way to go! (currently trader joes pound bar is my pref!)

  3. Right, Mattea? Prizes are great, but it's all about the packaging! ;o)

  4. Hahaha! I can't quite agree. Kinder Schocolade is the best ever! Every time my family from Germany visits they ALWAYS bring a dozen eggs with them. It is the only thing my children request. (right on up to the 27 year old!) ;-)
    One of them might even have a stash of the little surprizes hiding somewhere. Lol. Donna D.