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Thursday, August 25, 2011

What's Going On Here?

So.  Why are our lettuce plants trying to reach for the sky?  It's strange looking.  I'm not sure what they're up to!

And I don't even know what's going on here... this guy is sprouting lettuce leaves that look completely different from the ones we've been eating off this plant.  What the heck?

Hey look, baby pumpkin! :o)

And speaking of baby, my baby green peppers are apparently not going to grow up.  So I picked 'em.  Gonna use them in sloppy joe's tonight!

See?  Itty-bitty!


  1. Your lettuce my friend is seeding, it's all grown up now. I think the leaves are still edible but they won't taste the same. They're pretty much done for!

  2. lettuce stalks are a bit unusual!
    you go, Steph lettuce guru! you're exactly right.
    Dil - if the plants themselves are not a hybrid, you have the option of letting them go to seed and saving the seeds to plant next spring.

  3. just for fun- i think the process is called "bolting" ;)

  4. Bolting, huh? Nice. And Steph, I'm so impressed! (and I like thinking of them as "all grown up" instead of "almost done for"). MIL, will the seeds be obvious? As in, how do I collect/save them?

  5. the flowers will form, then they will dry out leaving the seeds/pods behind. collect these as they dry but before they open and the seeds fall out on the ground. dry a bit longer in doors til no moisture remains. package in foil, put in cabinet or fridge/freezer til next spring.