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Friday, August 26, 2011

His Kid Her Kid

The lines are being drawn.

It looks like it'll be Jesse and his mini-me Lily vs. me and my mini-me Sam :o)

For one, J and LJ *hate* waking up early.  If I have to wake either of the up (say, for work or church) Jesse growls and grumbles and doesn't talk to me till he's been up for 20 minutes. And Lily whimpers and cries and sucks her fingers forlornly till I feed her breakfast.

Me and Sam, on the other hand... we're morning people.  Sam doesn't wake up particularly early (between 7-8 lately) but she's always smiling and ready to start the day... even if I have to wake her up early to go somewhere.

It's actually been really nice the past few weeks (minus the past few days of LJ's sickness) cause Lily doesn't wake up till Sam is going down for her first nap of the day... which means I get some alone time with Happy Chatty Morning Girl and then some alone time with Cranky Snuggly Morning Girl :o)

Then you have the whole talking issue.

As has been well documented, Sam is a big-time baby-babbler, almost from day one.  Lily, on the other hand, is still not really talking.  Now if you know J and I well, then you know which girl is who's mini-me in this department ;o)

Poor Jesse and Lily... even if Lily ever *does* start talking, it'll be hopeless.  If Sam really does end up being as chatty as me, neither of them are going to be able to get a word in edgewise! :o)

Oh!  And what about overall countenance?

Lily as a baby...

...and Sam as a baby.

Most common remark about Baby LJ: wow! She looks so serious and inquisitive!  Most common remark about Baby SJ: wow!  Look at her smile!  She's always so happy!

Illustration 1:  When we went through the gate at Vogelweh to go to the Commissary yesterday, I was impressed that the guard recognized us.  Wanna know how she recognized us?  She said, "She always looks like that when you come through." as she gestured to Lily with a chuckle.  I turned around to see LJ in her car seat, fingers in her mouth... scowling at the guard!

Illustration 2:  At one of the picnics we went to this summer I had Sam on my back and one of the NCO's wives said, "Every time I see this baby she has a HUGE smile on her face!" :o)  (Insert definition of NCO - non commissioned officer... guys who are high up on the enlisted track.  One of J's superiors... and actually the family who gave us the slide!)

It's not that Jesse is grouchy all the time and I'm happy all the time.  But, in general, I tend to be the more bubbly of the two of us ;o)  My mom used to pick on me... she'd say "you know you don't have to show *all* your teeth when you smile" (usually in the context of pictures... which is funny cause Jesse NEVER smiles in pictures!)

Except for this one... he's definitely smiling in this one :o)  I wish I knew who took this picture... I love it so much!  Almost as much as I love the guy I'm kissing!

So anyways, yeah.  Who knew each of us would have our own little side-kicks? 


  1. hehehe - who knew their overall disposition would be so evident from so early in their lives?!?!?!?

    :o) I love them - and you guys - SO much!!!!

  2. I feel the same way about the boys, too! Tyler = mini Kyle. Dylan = mini me. I love it, haha. :)

  3. I LOVE this post =)