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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

As We Dream by the Fire

Between my Dad being a pyromaniac and spending many summers at a camp surrounded by other pyromaniacs... I just really really love a good fire!  There is something about the sights and sounds of a fire that are so comforting.  It wasn't a requirement that our house have a fireplace... but I sure ain't complain' that it does!

We got our first delivery of wood this weekend.

We weren't really sure how much we needed and Jesse was choking a little at the up-front cost... so we got uh, this much (I forget how many cubic meters and that wouldn't matter to most of you anyways) and we'll see how long it lasts us!

They dropped it on the street and Jesse carried the whole pile all the way up two flights of stairs.  I don't know how he did it... I could barely lift that bag he was filling!  The project took him all morning.

After lugging the bags up the stairs he plopped them for me to stack.

I would be a dirty liar to tell you I stacked this whole thing.  I had time during the girls' nap to stack about half of the back row. 

The Man did the rest.  And what a fantastic job he did ;o)

And then I made him light me a fire!  It was only a few pieces of wood, but it burned long enough to give the beginning of our movie night that fantastic "cozy fire on a cold night" feel... even though it wasn't really cold. 

Thank God for fireplaces!  It actually makes me look forward to cold winter nights.  Only a little ;o)


  1. UGH - thanks for the reminder (I think) that I need to get our firewood delivered SOON! But you *do* have a lovely fireplace and will have nice cozy fires this winter!

  2. As I sit by my fire I'll think of you sitting by yours!

  3. Ohh...it looks so warm and cozy! I was just starting to think how I wish I had a fireplace! Enjoy!