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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I've Died and Gone to Farmer's Market Heaven

Marinated olives, currents, peppers, citrus, corn, unpasteurized cheese from Switzerland, potatoes, free range eggs, green beans, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, and some sausage and a chicken breast (that I didn't want to photograph raw ;o) )

The Farmer's Market in Kaiserslautern is amazing!  It's been something I've wanted to check out pretty much since we got here, but I've been lazy and also a little intimidated.  But not yesterday! 

I bundled up my babies and went to get Jen.  Which proved to be a very good move since I would never have found it without her.  And instead of looking for the elevator (which we found later) we carried the stroller up the stairs of the parking garage.  Yes, Jen and I are quite the team ;o)

But back to the market:

This is not the small town farmer's market I'm used to.  No no no.  It's got everything!  Lots of meat, produce, dairy, eggs, plants/flowers, spices, cheeses, and on and on.  And this was the Tuesday market... apparently Saturday's has even more options! 

And the do it all year round... though I'm not so sure I'm interested in freezing our tushies off in the winter.  But we'll see ;o)

After we did our shopping we stopped on the edge of the market where they have food vendors.  So we got an assortment of "brunch"... Jen told me this one cart had the best burgers and she wasn't kidding!  It was so good!  And they also had bacon and eggs to feed hungry babies.

Speaking of hungry babies, Lily (AKA Little Miss Beggar) somehow ended up snuggled next to Jen stealing the rest of her fries!  That's my girl ;o)  At least she used her fork!

Sigh.  Don't you just love farmer's markets?


  1. I dooooooo! haha I am so glad we got to go! your pictures of your purchases in the german basket are so cute!!! and I love the one of Lily and her fork..the ketchup on her teeth sealed the deal for me.

  2. everything in that basket looks delish! it's SO COOL that the market is close and open all year! that's more like bird-in-hand (lancaster) than your average small town market for sure - - jealous!!!

  3. Well it isn't *technically* a German basket. I think someone got it for me for my wedding! And yes, Ketchup-Tooth is just adorable as she steals your fries ;o)

    Yeah Mom, I'd forgotten about that place. Except that they meet indoors... which this farmers market should consider for the chilly winters here. But eh, maybe I'll just have to get tougher!

  4. I can't believe how bundled up you guys are already! I mean, it's getting chilly here, but not for a coat yet!

    I love the look of that produce you got! Beautiful! I'm a lot jealous! :)

  5. Haha Bethanne, we were actually a little over-dressed at first. It's that weird time of year where I'm not really sure what the weather will do by the end of our outings, so I over-layer just to be safe. I think I shed my coat within the first twenty minutes and the girls were out of theirs by the time we ate.