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Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Best Seat in the House, According to My Girl

Lily's favorite spot on the weekends is right next to Daddy.  As you can see, she loves to bring books, Dolly, toys, and sippy up on the couch to hunker down next to him... and when she needs to take a break from reading she likes to snuggle up right on his lap and watch the video games or movies :o) 

Watching their relationship grow is so precious.  She now regularly says "Da" over and over in the mornings while I'm changing her diaper... and points excitedly toward the door of her room as if to say "Dad's downstairs, Momma.  Hurry up so we can play!" 

Their favorite activities (besides being TV-heads together on the couch) are the typical Daddy-Daughter things: chasing, tickling, wrestling, and snuggling. 

Jesse's first twelve-hour shift is next Tuesday.  Which means they won't see each other at all that day (or the following).  It's going to be an adjustment for us all.  But at the same time, it's not going to feel much different from the hours he "worked" at Keesler.  He was putting in much more than 12 hours a day at tech school, and there were many weeks that he didn't get home till after her bedtime every night. 

It makes us treasure his days off more.  And normally, he won't be working more than four days at a time here.  So the "work weeks" won't seem as long... hopefully :o)

I'm so glad we got this five month "training period" to recover from the craziness of tech school.  We've all had the chance to adjust to living in a new country and to reconnect as a family.  I feel like we've had a great summer and made lots of fantastic memories in our first few months here.  The R&R was just what we needed to gear up for the real work of Daddy entering the "occupation Air Force" (as opposed to the training environment we've been in this whole time.)

12-hour shifts here we come!  We're ready for ya!  I think.

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