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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Exploring K-Town

We had a leisurely morning.  These three weren't up till about 9:30am.  (And Jesse was only a half hour earlier than them!)  After eating and reading, we dragged J out of his sweats so we could go as a family and walk around Kaiserslautern. 

 The market was fantastic, as usual.

And the fountain outside the church was quite a hit.

 This knife "block" was added to the "to-get someday" list.

Apparently you haven't seen a candy store until you've been in a German candy store.  The stuff we got was absolutely delicious... the stuff we didn't get looked just as good :o) 

It was a super fun day with Grandpa.  Some of us were more sleepy than others by the end ;o)  But those of us who were super sleepy got to bed early (Sam and Lily) and those of us who were kind of sleep are about to enjoy some chocolate (me)! 

Check out the rest of the pics if you want :o)


  1. so fun! Lily's curls look so good in the fountain picture...and I love this last one of Sam with her shoulder's kinda shrugged. You have to tell me where this candy store is..I need to send my little brother authentic chocolates.

  2. Jen, you stole both of my photo comments. ;) Jess!!!! I get to see you soon!!!! You're bringing me some chocolate, right? :)

  3. Hey Jess,

    You can find those knife blocks in red at http://www.thinkgeek.com/homeoffice/kitchen/86dd?srp=2. They also have a matching pen holder http://www.thinkgeek.com/homeoffice/kitchen/d1ef?srp=1. ThinkGeek is one of my favorite sites to find sometimes-bizarre-but-always-interesting items.

    Say 'Hi' to Jesse from all of us! Tell 'The Bomdiggity' we said 'Hi' as well :)

  4. Jen, you have to try the chocolates with liquor in them. I thought they were gross, but J and my FIL liked em. Interesting to try ;o)

    Nicole, you'll have to arm wrestle my family for the chocolates I'm bringing LOL.

    Uncle John, I will definitely have to check out that site (the pen holder is intriguing to me as a future gift idea for J) and I'll tell him y'all said hi! Send some love to the fam from us!