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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

To-Do Before Vacay

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1.  Laundry
2.  Hug and kiss husband
3.  Steak dinner with husband and Father-in-law
4.  Hug and kiss husband
5.  Bake and freeze muffins so husband has something to take to work
6.  Hug and kiss husband
7.  Pack bag as lightly as possible so you can bring lots of goodies and new clothes home
8.  Hug and kiss husband
9.  Walk down to Nina's to get hair cut and colored

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10.  Hug and kiss husband

What?  A month is a long time to be apart!!


  1. yeah, I was thinking about that when I read Jen's comment yesterday about missing you already - - ugh! but then again, November will be even sweeter when you get to see him again! :o)

  2. Yep. Plus, he'll be a zombie for the month of October since he's working nights. So I won't be missing much ;o)