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Saturday, September 24, 2011

He's Back!

The last time the girls got to see Grandpa Aiduk was when he came to Mississippi for Jesse's graduation from tech school and when we stopped in Cape Cod for two weeks back in April, before coming to Germany.

As you can see, everyone's getting along quite nicely.  They picked up again almost where they left off :o)  Sam is going to take some more persuading, but Lily is pretty cool with this Grandpa guy... I mean, he brings gifts!  (Notice her modeling the leggings/tights from Grandma!) 

Sammy's usually pretty indifferent towards Jesse... but a girl's gotta snuggle up to someone when there's a foreigner in the room :o)

She cracks me up because she crawls right up to Mark and then it's like she realizes "wait, this is too close" and has a little meltdown about it.  (You can see how sympathetic I'm being to her plight as I snap pictures of her Royal Whine-ness rather than coming to her rescue)

Jesse has to work the next three days (but that's all he has to work while his Dad's here cause he took some leave!) so the girls and I are going to show Grandpa the local sights.  We're probably going to hit the farmer's market this morning and then the base this afternoon (for some boring errands!).  Then church tomorrow.  Maybe a walk down to the bakery and the butcher shop on Monday.  Lots of fun stuff!

And as fun as touring K-town area is, I'm sure Grandpa would be perfectly happy to just play on the floor the entire time he's here. 

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  1. The Grandfatha is SO LUCKY!!!! Gramma R. is pretty jealous right now, but I recover pretty quickly when I realize that you and the girlses will be coming to the USA in a week!