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Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Cork Pond

After a fun day going to the Saturday farmer's market (which is way bigger and more lively than Tuesday's, including live music!) and hitting the grocery store downtown, we decided for a nice quiet post-dinner walk down into Otterberg to check out the church and get a pastry at the bakery.

That part was a fail because there was a church service going on so we couldn't explore.  And the bakery was closed (at 6:45pm!).

But not all was lost... we got some exercise in and we got to discover a fun spot to play.

I sat with Sam while Grandpa and Lily explored this little pool thing at the end of our road.  And Grandpa discovered a wine cork (a few of them actually... apparently it's a good party spot ;o) ) that provided a good ten minutes of entertainment.

They threw it in the water.  Over and over.  And over.

Then they discovered a mini waterfall.  Which was a great water slide for the cork(s).

But Princess Lily was not happy that the corks were in sight but not within reach.  

"Unacceptable.  Fix it, Grandfatha!"  

And he did :o) 

A word on Grandpa A's name:  "Grandfatha" is kind of our joke nickname... while we waited for the kids to come up with their own name for him.  But I think Lily will end up calling him "Pops" like her cousin Xavier.  This is what happens when you don't learn to talk on time... your younger cousin beats you to the naming ;o)  

Today's to do list = church, then hitting the main base (Ramstein) for a "tour" (as good of one as I can give!) and some errands. And then a good long afternoon nap for the girls and maybe a quick nap for the old folks (mainly, me!) and possibly watching some more online cooking classes.

Yesterday Mark and I watched a bunch of videos on the proper way to prepare steaks.  And besides drooling through the whole thing, we learned a lot and now we're going to go down to the local butcher shop tomorrow so we can have a fantastic steak dinner Tuesday when Jesse's home :o)

Drooling again.

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