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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Can't Leave the Cape without a Visit to the Beach

Samantha was pretty much born on the beach in Mississippi.  Okay, two blocks away.

But we didn't play there a whole lot.  I was too lazy to take them alone cause of all the "cleaning sand out of everything" that has to take place after... and J was way too busy learning how to be a weatherman for regular beach outings.

But with two grandparents in tow, it's much less intimidating.  Plus... I think I've become a much more chill Momma since Sam was born.  I think it has to do with Lily becoming more of a true toddler... I now understand just how much dirt and grime are going to be a part of my life for the next uh, ten years! ;o)  And I'm a lot less squeamish about it.

Lily's favorite things to do at the beach include crushing Grandpa's sandcastles, chasing birds, and trying to get into the water.  (Oh, and crying when she doesn't get her way... but that's not new)

Sam's activities included ignoring the sand, delicately touching the sand, and eating the sand.  And yes, I let her.  I know, I'm gross.  But it was funny and you know it ;o)  Besides, the girl's gotta learn somehow, right?

Can we talk about how cooperative and angelic my girls are when I want a cute Momma-and-her-girls photo?  Jerks.

My favorite part about going to Onset Beach is that it takes about 2.5 seconds to drive there from the Aiduk Casa.  And it's also a spot of many a family memory.  I mean, I've only been in this family for a little over four years... but I've walked on this beach and climbed that rock and worked on my tan and picked up shells.  I brought my itty bitty baby Lily here on her first Thanksgiving! 

And I know the Aiduks love this beach.  They speak fondly of it.  It makes me love it even more!

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  1. you *have* had some really beeea-uuuuu-tiful weather on this trip to the USofA!!! And many fun adventures with many family members!