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Monday, October 24, 2011

Why I Appreciate Vacation Muffin-tops

This picture just makes me think "wheeeeee!!!"

Which is exactly what I was thinking about two months ago when I looked at the number on the scale and realized it matched my marriage weight. Less, actually.

Now, the number on the scale usually matters to me about as much as the size on the tag of my jeans... HARDLY AT ALL. I'm a curvy Rawleigh girl and I want to feel comfy in my skin so I've always shrugged about the numbers. As long as I was being responsible about my eating and exercise, what did it matter?

Then I popped out two kids in two years. And numbers mattered. Numbers like "you just gained and lost 35 lbs and now you're pregnant again" and "you just gained 20lbs but good luck losing it fast because this body is TIRED from growing two children!"

So I looked at my post-Sammy body and said "blech". Then I said "let's get to work!". And I did.

But it still took almost 9 months. Which isn't that bad, but it seems like it when you're trying to work daily exercise and healthy cooking in between keeping two babies alive plus moving to another country. OY VEH!

So I hit "the number" that made me say "wheeeee!!!!" again. And then we hit a really warm patch of late summer and I didn't want to exercise because I was already sweating constantly. And then I got busy having fun with friends and I didn't want to exercise. And then I just plain didnt want to exercise. But it was "okay" cause as long as I ate healthy portions of healthy food "the number" stayed the same.

But obviously you know that's not okay. We should never ever exercise for "the number". We should exercise to be healthy. And strong. To be able to stay healthy and strong... to be there for our loved ones long into the future.

I know this. It's why I started running again in MS after Sam was born and why I kept exercising in Germany. But I forgot.

That's okay. My vacation muffin-top reminded me ;o)

It went like this:

Jesse: Hey you should get some new clothes in the States... Here's a crap-ton of money cause I love ya and you worked hard to lose the baby-weight.

Jessica: Wheeeeeee!!!!!

JCPenny: Hey we're having some really great sales on skinny jeans would you like a few pairs?

Jessica: Wheeeeeeee!!!!!

Vacation muffin-top: Hey. I'm back. This is what happens when you quit exercising and then go on vacation and eat too much.

Me: UGH.

So there you have it. I have a suitcase full of new clothes that are a tad too tight because I was being shallow and foolish by thinking once I hit "the number" I could stop being healthy.

But nope. What truly makes me say "wheeeeee!!!!" is being healthy. No matter the number. (ahem, though I can't say I wouldn't mind those jeans fitting a tad less snug!)

As I mentioned after the trip to the lake with Alex and Beth, I really like getting outside for a walk.  It's definitely my prefered way to exercise.  And I know my body could definitely use more than a brisk walk here and there (hello weight-lifting, let's get reacquainted!) it's the form of exercise I love most, so it's what I stick with most of the time. 

Everywhere you turn you hear all about how great it is for you to exercise... it's really important for us to keep moving in this largely sedetary culture of ours.  For me it reduces stress and keeps me fit.  The stress part is the best, in my opinion. 

I really feel like I can breathe deep and feel refreshed after a long walk.  And that's not just from the fresh air!

Now, I know I'm going to have to get creative about regular exercise in the cold, dark winter I'm about to face.  But I'm sure I can manage!  I'd rather not trade the vacation muffin-top for a winter muffin-top ;o) 


  1. ooopsie! hello muffin-top (ugh) . . . I found this post funny b/c I stopped at Peaches after picking up Steph from school and wished I could come home and share my pumpkin ice cream with LJ and SJ! Oh how I miss them already!!! Does Jesse's base in Germany have a gym like Biloxi? Are you allowed to go there to work out in the winter???

  2. You'd love Chalean Extreme! And Zumba. I've been outta commission since Thursday and I'm mostly bummed about not being able to work out. So different from before. I like the new me. Hope you get back to exercising and feel good about yourself! :) And Jesse... aw!!! What a nice husband.

  3. Mom, yep! There's a room in the gym that's only 15 minutes from my house where you can let your kids play while you exercise. I think I might hit that up a couple times a week. Then just work in some at-home weight training. Should be good to go!

    Nicole, I'd love to hit up zumba again... it really is so fun! It will all depend on the man's work schedule, though. It's usually much easier for me to work daily exercise in when he's not home than to drag myself away from him when he's off. We'll see. It's nice to shake things up (literally!) once in awhile, eh? Also, sorry you're sick... hope you're kickin again soon!